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The 14th Meet in Beijing Arts Festival
The Spring in Beijing is short but poetic. As the smog dissipates, the arts festival in romantic Spring--- the 14th Meet in Beijing Arts Festival, just as an art season wind, comes with warm sunshine.

Music, dance, drama, prestigious masters, notable troupes, and renowned works constitute this fabulous festival. From April 28 to May 25, the artists from all over the world with the invitations of the Festival, come to the romantic rendezvous of diverse arts with faraway greetings. When the inspiring art language creates a beautiful moment after another, on the way to the world-class arts festival, Meet in Beijing Arts Festival has carved a brand new era mark after another.

The performance for the opening ceremony is the concert of Spirit of France, which is a masterpiece to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France. The renowned French conductor, Philippe Entremont, as well as many Chinese and French musicians, will cooperate with the Symphony orchestra from China National Opera House to present the romantic French melody, which will add brilliance to the present splendor of cultural exchange between China and France.

Have you ever seen the spectacle of playing Latin American instruments and traditional Chinese instruments together? The romantic atmosphere on the concert of Latin American Arts Season, and the passion of the Caribbean Music Festival, make people feel like being in the remote and mysterious Latin American continent.
We cannot miss the pop music concerts. The world tour of Deng Ziqi (G. E. M.), will ignite the fire of fashion and youth. The 10-year anniversary concert of Alan Tan & Hacken Lee will give you a different nostalgic feeling. Chaoyang Pop Music Festival, Strawberry Music Festival, and INTRO Electronic Music Festival, will free your youth with the most rock and roll, the freshest, and the most authentic attitudes in Spring. 

As for the dance part, the performances are also quite stunning. The marvelous virtuoso of National Ballet of China, the modern ballet drama of National Ballet of Serbia, the Brigham Young University ballroom dance, their unique rhythm and elegance will be presented on the stage of Meet in Beijing Arts Festival.

On the theater stages, “Old Horse” and “Black Horse” race together bridle to bridle. The classic historical dramas from Beijing People’s Art Theater, King Wu’s Dagger-axe vs. King Yue’s Sword , The Late Christopher Bean, Six Characters in Search of an Author will be presented together. The Face of Chiang Kai-shek, which originated from the cultural event on campus, explores the free expression of drama through black humor.

With the Spring rain and Spring sunshine, adhering to the concept of “Public Culture and Benefiting the Public”, the 14th Meet in Beijing Arts Festival comes and will keep the promise of free carnival and low-fare performances which will come to us and go into theaters, onto squares, and into schools.

A successful arts festival could shape and enhance the cultural taste and art position of a city, and moisturize people’s inner world with gentle care, as well as enriching the cultural life in a city.

In this Spring, let’s feel the public spirit of Meet in Beijing Arts Festival and the temperature and radiance of art dreams. Let’s witness together the humanity spirits and immortal artistic vitality the festival brings to the world city---Beijing.

2014 Performance
Spirit of France --- Celebrating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France
Ballroom Dance Capture the Magic
Ballet Drama Celebrating of Love
Ballet Drama Don Quixote
Dance African Beats
Drama The Face of Chiang Kai-shek
Black Inspirational Comedy May All Your Wishes Come True
Children Play Smurfs 
Drama Six Characters in Search of an Author
Drama King Wu’s Dagger-axe vs. King Yue’s Sword
Drama The Late Christopher Bean
10-year anniversary concert of Alan Tan & Hacken Lee The Little Singers of Paris Wood Cross 
Concert of Deng Ziqi (G.E.M) 
Solo Concert of Feng Mantian
Guitar Viola Duo Concert
Latin American and Caribbean Arts Season Concert 
Solo Concert of Alexandra Lubchansky
Piano Concert of Luis Fernando Perez
Jazz Piano Concert of Giovanni Mirabassi
Concert of Catalina Chorus
Violin Concert of Jorge Saade 
Sharing the Beauty---Latin American Contemporary Art Exhibition
Chaoyang Pop Music Festival
Costa Rica Tamela Hedstrom Band 
Poland Scream Maker & Denmark Shotgun Revolution 
Ecuador Vernepia & Columbia Sankofa Dance Troupe
Costa Rica Gandhi & Barbados Experience
America Boston Rovers & Peru Renacer
Mexico M.I.S. & Trinidad and Tobago Steel Drum Band 
Spain DEPT & Chile Easter Island Dance Troupe
Cuba Black Moon & Venezuela Salsa
Strawberry Music Festival
INTRO Electronic Music Festival


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