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White Deer Plain, Beijing People’s Art Theatre

This is a drama played by Beijing People’s Art Theatre, which is a magnificent epic of Wei River Plain’s changes for 50 years and a long scroll picture about gorgeous, colorful, shocking stories in the northern Chinese countryside. A family of two generations of descendants, in order to battle for the rule of White Deer Plain, played scenes of thrilling and sad plots for generations and generations. Taking the treasured site wisely, setting evil honey-traps, dutiful son becoming bandits, father-in-law killing the daughter-in-law, brothers fighting with each other, lovers hating each other…White Deer Plain experienced all the ups and downs of the Great Revolution, the Japanese invaders, and three years of civil war. With ruler’s replacement, national enmity and family hatred, there was full of staggered and tangled relations, and revenge. The ancient land was trembling in the pain of new birth.

Beijing People’s Art Theatre invited MENG Bing, the famous playwright of The Chinese people's liberation army general political department of drama group to adapt this masterpiece, and will show many historical events across half a century to the audience through the stage, with a heavy sense of history and a strong shock.

April 28-May 13, 2017 The Capital Theatre


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