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Dreams of Sand, Ytuquepintas Company

We’re used to see art as something that will last forever, like a work that stays alive after the death of the artist. But art can also be short-lived, art can be for just a moment, without having to transform itself into something lasting... at least, not in the physical world! That’s the magic of dreams of sand
 In “Dreams of Sand”, Borja González tells us, with only a little bit of sand and his hands, the story of two people throughout their lives, from the dreams that start building up during their childhood, through the experiences of their adult life, up to the point of view acquired by the experiences lived and allowing a retrospective look.
 Drawing after drawing, the story carries the spectator to moments filled with emotions, takes him on a journey to different places of the world and, subtly, brings him to think in a poetical way about his own feelings, life experiences and memories.
The show is ideally accompanied by sensitive and beautiful live music, all of which is composed by Roc Sala (Piano) joined in the interpretation by Francesc Pugès (Cello, double bass, musical saw) and Alexandre Guitart (Percussions, baglama, rubab).

May 20-21, 2017  TNT Theatre, 9 theatre, Chaoyang District Culture Center
May 22, 2017   Sunrise Concert Hall, Beihang University



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