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Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

‘Snow-white skin, blood-red lips, and jet-black hair...’ That is kind and beautiful Snow White in the Grimm’s Fairytales. Now, she is recalled to life from the fantastic fairy tale book, and comes onto the stage with seven lovely forest dwarfs! 

The witch has a magic mirror. So, she knows that Snow White is more beautiful than her; Snow White is in danger... 

The seven dwarfs are the patron saint in the forest, and each of them owns a magic diamond, but no one knows how to use... 

The seven dwarfs take in Snow White escaping into the forest, but the terror of witch always hangs over their cottage. 

 With her kindness and love, Snow White encourages and moves her seven friends with different personalities... 

Unexpectedly, a crow, the witch's agent, finds Snow White's place to stay. 

The witch is unreconciled to her defeat. She disguises as an old woman bewitching an apple, and then walks into the cottage... 

The death of Snow White makes the dwarfs summon up courage to defeat the witch. To save the Snow White, they understand the meaning of unity for the first time. When the seven dwarfs lift high the seven diamonds, the magic mirror and the witch break to pieces in 7-color light...

Just like the perfect ending in all the classic fairy tales, justice finally overcomes the evil.
May 12-13,2018 China Children's Art Theatre


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