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“Salvatores Dei” by National Theatre of Northern Greece

The National Theatre of Northern Greece (NTNG), celebrating more than 55 years of artistic creation, today constitutes Greece’s largest theatrical and cultural organization in broader terms. Comprising of 4 winter venues and 2 open-air theatres and also organizing tours in Greece and abroad, it has been functioning as an active cultural core since 1961.
As a member of the Union of Theatres of Europe (since 1996) and its Board of Directors (until 2013), NTNG has a strong presence on the international stage and participates in international theatrical organizations, festivals and co-productions with top-ranking theatres abroad.

The artistic program of NTNG annually presents a schedule combining in-house production with co-productions with other theatrical organizations, tributes as well as transfers of performances from Greece and abroad.

Placing a special emphasis on social and educational activities, NTNG organizes performances for children and young people, as well as educational programmes and social activities in schools and hospitals.
NTNG is also active in other fields of cultural production such as education, literature, visual arts, events management, conferences, international festivals, theatre education and social interventions. 

Moreover, NTNG provides free access to its Digital Library with an Archive of performances staged since 1961, and bookshops in the premises also carry rare editions.

With an annual audience of 700,000 theatre-goers and a dynamic presence in the social media, an experienced and able personnel, people who genuinely love their work and theatre in general, the National Theatre of Northern Greece embraces the community, the local economy and authorities, young people as well as the under-privileged, and acts as a cultural ambassador of the country in the Balkans and in Europe.

Salvatores Dei is a theatrical version of the famous work “Salvatores Dei” (The Saviors of God) by Nikos Kazantzakis, a text rich in meanings that expresses the metaphysical faith of the great Cretan writer.

The text belongs to Kazantzakis’ early works. Kazantzakis himself has argued that “Salvatores Dei” is a Cry and his whole work a comment that expresses his anguish to overcome the borders of the mind and to solve the mystery of existence.
May 10-11, 2018 Mong Man Wai Concert Hall, Tsinghua University




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