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Malan Flower

Under the shelter of the “Son of the Forest”—MaLang, the Malan flower bloomed once a year and protected the kind and hardworking people. When the pithy formula was read, the Malan flower would manifest the magical power at the critical moment. However, the greedy old cat want to possess the flower to live an unearned life .On one day of Malang and Xiaolan’s married year, the old cat stole the flower when Xiaolan went downhill to look her parents and persuaded her twin sister Dalan to disguise the figure of Xiaolan, and get to Malan Mount to get the incantation. Would the old cat’s trick succeed and would the Malan Flower realize its dreams?
May 19-20 & 26-27, 2018 China Children's Art Theatre



·Malan Flower
·Little Flying Man---Peter Pan
·“Salvatores Dei” by National Theatre of Northern Greece
·“Opus 7” by Cheptel Aleïkoum
·“Seriously Funny” by Fair play crew
·Snow White and Seven Dwarfs
·Budapest Puppet Theatre
·Theatre de la Feuille Papa
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