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The C.Y.C. Wind Orchestra

The C.Y.C. Wind Orchestra was established in May,1977.
At present leadership is in the hands of Prof.Yeh, Shu-Han with Prof.Duan Fu-Hsuan as associate conductor, and Chang, Hung-Yu, Chen,Chun-Li serving as section coaches. The 55 participants that currently comprise the ensemble hail from Chinese Taiwan’s many fine academic institution, and represent the wealth of the island’s musical talent.
 The Band holds one or two annual concerts in Taipei Concert Hall and also accompanies various cultural activities. Moreover, the ensemble often participates in official ceremonies, and in the invitation of both domestic and overseas organizations, conducts annual tours of nation. Additionally, the bands’ reputation has spread abroad, resulting in performances in United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia .
The C.Y.C. Wind Orchestra accolades are both numerous and diverse. Participate in the International Youth Music Awards in the United States yielded the 3A Prize in 1984 and the prestigious Best Performance Award in 1977, 1980, 1989 and 1992. In 1995,1997,2005,2009 and 2011 the band made appearances at the World Association for Symphonic Band and Ensemble (WASBE) conference .On both occasions, the C.Y.C. Wind Orchestra served as the sole representative from Chinese-speaking world. In 2002, the Band won the first prize in the Fourth Asian Symphonic Band Competition held in Thailand.
In the 40 years that passed since its inception, the C.Y.C. Wind Orchestra
had participated in at least 500 performances worldwide. In addition to direct impact by providing a fertile training ground for many of the island
s professional orchestral musicians.

May 20, 2017 National Library Arts Center


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