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Todos los Tonos y Ayres & Íliber Ensemble, Spain The Harpsichord of the Emperor

“The clavichord of the Emperor” is a unique proposal, in which Chinese and Western period instruments will join together, to rebuild the musical life in the Chinese Court of the second half of the Ming Dinasty. We will enjoy Western pieces written in chinese and other compositions that were taught to the members of the Court that were played in the Forbidden City, and from which started the musical, cultural and intellectual exchange between China and de Hispanic World. All of that, wouldn’t have been possible without Diego de Pantoja, whose 400 anniversary of his death in Macau is celebrated this year 2018, that were the first Spaniard who had access to the Emperor’s Court, Wang Li’s.

Two musical ensembles united make possible this concert without precedent: Íliber Ensemble, specialist in the interpretation of the baroque music with antique instruments and historical criteria, and Todos los Tonos y Ayres, first group in Spain specialized in the interpretation of the Chinese antique music and the musical relationship between the Imperial China and the West World.

Throughout this wonderful selection, we will be able to travel in time, to the Imperial Times.
May 29, 2018 Temple (Available only for VIP guests)
May 30 - 31, 2018 Temple




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·Todos los Tonos y Ayres & Íliber Ensemble, Spain The Harpsichord of the Emperor
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