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Performing Arts




The Mermaid in East China Sea, China National Theatre for Children

Where is my Mommy? China National Theatre for Children

The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting, China Oriental Performing Arts Group co.,ltd

Dancing Classic for the People, Beijing Dance Academy

Liberation of Hainan Island, Song and Dance Ensemble of Hainan Province

Zang Opera Judging the Winner by Horse, Se da ye wu bu mei Zang opera group

Love in a Fallen City

The Pillow Man

The Beauty Queen of Leenane

Online Music Carnival: The Night of Gathering Light

Red poppies, Sichuan Song and Dance Drama Theatre

Home, Sichuan Song and Dance Drama Theatre

Fairy Land of Yunnan, Yunnan Song and Dance Drama Theatre

The Red Guards On Honghu Lake, Hubei Opera and Dance Drama Theatre

The Angels’ Diaries, Hubei Opera and Dance Drama Theatre

A Story of Jiujing’s Promotion, Peking Opera Theater of Hubei Province

Young Confucius, The People’s Art Theatre of Wuhan

The Vinca Flower on the Roof, Wuhan Song and Dance Drama Theatre

Crowned Princess of Mingzhou State, Ningbo Yueju Opera

Building the Dream, Ningbo Yong Opera Theatre

Under the Star-shining Sky: A Dream in Chang’an, Warrior and Battle Flag Acrobatic Group of Xi'an

When Mozart meets Ponty, Bel Canto Singers Foundation Limited

When East meets West, Hong Kong String Orchestra

Hong Kong Gaudeamus Dunhuang Ensemble

Leap Day, Associação de Representação Teatral Hiu Koc


Carmen, HD Screening

The Lady of The Camellas, HD Screening

The Father and Son Shishi Lions, HD Screening

Beethoven, HD Screening

The Dance Company of Siberia

Guajiro, Jose Galván Flamenco Dance Academy

Bandits Dance Studio

Violin Concert Visions, Stanisław Słowiński Orchestra

Dance of Ragús, Irish Tap Dance

Taiko Sai, Japan

Korean Traditional Drum, DIDIM, Korea

Nakhon Si Thammarat College Of Dramatic Arts

Bangkok College Of Dramatic Arts

Hai Phong Welcomeing Friends from All over the World, Troupe of Haiphong Puppet Art

Five Transformations, Le Ngoc Theater

Documentary of Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Central Asian Countries


Together for a shared future: Youth of China, National Children’s Spring Festival Gala

Together for a shared future: teenage hip-hop dance show

Together for a shared future: Youth wind band performance

Together for a shared future: Youth choir performance

Flowers in the Mirror, QFun Theatre

Suzhou Arts & Culture Week

My Name is Ding Xiang, Suzhou Ballet Theatre

Infinity·Dmitriyevich Shostakovich, Suzhou Symphony Orchestra

Dance drama canal, Suzhou song and Dance Theatre

Adventure of the Cauldrons, Suzhou Su Opera Troupe

The Peony Pavilion, Suzhou Kun Opera Theatre

Suzhou Pingtan Theatre

Gu Yanwu, Kunshan Contemporary Kunqu Theatre


ARTS FOR SHARED FUTURE: Arts forum and promotion presentations

Provincial and city Culture Week

Beijing Culture Week

Beijing Culture Week

Ice Ballet WE ARE ONE

Musical Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon: Dream of Ice and Snow

The Blessed Family, Beijing People's Art Theatre

Zeng Yun and Beijing Symphony Orchestra

Harp Recital by The Sea Harp Duo

Beijing Philharmonic Choir

Peking Opera & Guzheng Concert

Beijing Symphony Orchestra- Chinese New Year’s Concert

Love in Kunqu- Lantern Festival Kunqu Gala

Shanghai Culture Week

Shanghai Chinese Orchestra:"Splendid China • Children of the River" Chinese Music Scene

Shanghai Jingju Theatre Company:The Hidden Gold

Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe:The Palace of Eternal Youth

Shanghai City Tourism Promotion Exhibition

Jilin Culture Week

Jilin Province Song and Dance Troupe Co.,Ltd:Large-scale Song and Dance Gala "Snow Charm & Spring Scenery"

"Meet Warmly · Come to Jilin to Play Snow in Winter" Theme Exhibition

"Winter Olympics in Beijing·Experience in Jilin" Ice and Snow Theme Promotion Conference

Hebei Culture Week

Hebei Symphony Orchestra: "Winter Olympics Symphony"

Hebei Opera and Dance Theatre Performance Co., Ltd.: “North of The River”

Hebei Bangze Opera Theatre: "Lotus Lantern"

Hebei Acrobatics Troupe Co., Ltd: "Dream of the Beijing Winter Olympics"


Qinghai Culture Week

Theme Party:Gathering in Qinghai for the Winter Olympics


Visual Arts

“Chinese Treasure” Exhibition

The Light of Life “2022 The 9th Beijing International Art Biennale”

International Print Exchange Exhibition of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games

Yang Gang art Exhibition

The 3rd session of Li Keran Academy of Youth Painting Exhibition

Huang Zhou's fine arts exhibition

Painting of cat by Huang Zhou  Folk culture exhibition of Yanhuang Arts Museum

The Film Show

Winter Olympic-themed films and plays

Urban activity

Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Culture Square

The Celebration

Beijing Awards Plaza

Yanqing Winter Paralympic Games Award Plaza

New Year countdown in Beijing

Zhangjiakou Award Plaza

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