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The 4th MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival

After a long wait, Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber finally landed in Beijing, unveiling the curtain of the 4th Meet in Beijing Arts Festival for 9 runs, each to a full house. It was a living testimony to both the eternal charm of the musical and the high class of the festival. The Irish Festival, as an important fraction, brought with it the 6-time Grammy Award-winning band The Chieftains, joined by Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckette, Mary Black, a singer regarded as Irish national treasure, Cara Dillon, a folk singer enjoying high popularity, Barry Douglas, winner of Tchaikovsky International Competition, and the breathtaking modern dance drama Mermaid. Their performances gave the Beijing audience a panoramic view of Irish arts. The 4th Meet in Beijing Arts Festival was closed in the grand melody of Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra.

The 4th Meet in Beijing attracted 66 art troupes from 30 countries, with nearly 100 well-known artists giving performance on the stage of Beijing.

2004  Performance
Richie Jen Pop Music Concert Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra
National Drama Theater Beijing People’s Art Theater
3rd China International Piano Competition Cats
Tchaikosky Symphony Orchestra of Moscow Radio Sarah Brightman
Riverdance Flying Squad National Theatre Company of Ireland “Waiting for Godot”
Broadway Musical Shows Acclaimed electronic DJ David Holmes
Sound of Music Orchestra Salzburg Drumstruck of South Africa
Spirit of Dance Irish Traditional Music Concert
Mermaids Camerata Ireland
Korean Nanta Opera Company The Front Porch Country Band
French Toure Kunda Band Netherland International Dance Theatre
America Youth Symphony Orchestra Spanish Classic Guitar Concert
John O’Conor –Piano Recital India Bollywood Dance Company
The Spirit of China and Ireland Concert Brazil Samba Dance Company of Rio
The Maria Pages Flamenco Dance Company Israel Carmel Folk Dance Company
Bahamas Youth Dance Company Azerbaijan Rasheed Brehiblaph National Dance Company
Bertelsmann Beijing International Cultural Forum

2004  Exhibition

Views From an Island

“Touch Africa” Arts Exhibitions

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