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The 6th MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival

With Mexico as honour guest country, Meet in Beijing 2006 introduced the theme “People’s Festival” and explored classic art forms from Mexico, Italy, Russia and France, as well as Chinese heritage. It also aimed to present culture from various countries with intensity, hence the installation of the guest country, the Italian Cultural Festival, Russian Cultural Festival, and Croisements: French Festival in China.

Tickets were sold at an affordable price and some performances were staged in public squares, in the countryside, and on university campus at part of the festival’s commumity outreach endeavour.

Some of the dances were hugely welcomed, including the opening Wind of Colourful Guizhou, L'arlesienne and Raymonda – a co-production with France, Swan Lake by Korea National Ballet, and galas by Russian Little Birch, Mexican artists and Micha van Hoecke. The concerts were equally received including a choral concert by Lyonnais, French opera gala, chamber music and Li Biao percussions. In the drama sector, there were the China-France co-production Rhinoceros and Love in a Fallen City by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre.

Works by Baccaraf, Brassai, and Signes d’Existence by Alain FLEISCHER were put on display in various exhibitions.

The festival welcomed artists coming from over 20 countries giving altogether 100 perfomances. It was truely a celebration of the people.

2006  Performance

Colourful Guizhou

Closing Performance

Russia Little Birch Sing and Dance Troupe

Canadian Royal musicians

“Carmen”, “Arles”, “Raymonda”, China Central Ballet

Nostalgic Songs

West Australian Symphony Orchestra

Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

Zaragoza Dance Company of Spain

“Servant of Two Masters” by Piccolo Teatro of Milan Theatre Of Europe

“Love in a Fallen City”, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

Italian Jazz Night

“Callas: Voicething”, Italy

Percussion Concert 2006, China

Rhino, a French drama

Pirate, Korean Ballet

Peruvian Folk Song and Dance Gala

Portuguese Arts Gala

Samford University Choir

Umoja Musical Company

Atiya Youth Orchestra

Nostalgic Russian Songs

Drama “The Urban Petty Bourgeois” Russian Chekhov Theater

“Don Juan”, Central Drama Academy

Lyon Children’s Choir of France

Rose Life Song and Dance Gala, France

Mexican Alexia Contemporary Dance Company

Mexican Trio

Mexican Cellist Carlos Prieto Concert

Mexican National Dance Company

Mexican Traditional Song and Dance Gala

Cecilia Toussaint from Mexico

Mexican Cameo Dance Company

Wang Lei Electronic Music Concert

A Trip to Mars

French Hip-hop Concert

Out-door Performances

Mexican National Song and Dance Company

Russian Red Mummy Band, Flower Band

Jolly Rugues Band, US

Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo, Italy

Belgium Sion Band

Bahamas Youth Song and Dance Troupe

Peru Folk Song and Dance Troupe

American Band

Chair Band, America

Mexican Yuc Folk Song and Dance Company

2006  Exhibition

Works of Brassai

Works of Baccarat

Allen Iverson Exhibition

“Traces of Existence”, French Photography and Video Exhibition

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