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The 7th MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival

Just imagine bathing in the sunshine of Iberian Peninsula while experiencing the originality of Spanish artists and enjoying their passionate songs and dances. The festival was a fine collection of masterpieces of stage art home and abroad, artists of mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan displayed their versatility to celebrate the cenntenial of Chinese Spoken Drama. Inspired by French freedom and passion, French and Chinese artists continue their spiritual journey. Chinese heritage of 5 thousand years blended with global pop music, creating a fever for Chinese culture during the festival. The 7th Meet in Beijing was a reservoir containing inspirations of more than 100 artists from nearly 20 countries and regions.

Meet in Beijing is a stage for both creativity and dialogue. It opened with the splendid Mongolian musical epic Prairie Legend and closed with a passionate ballet presented by the Spanish National Ballet. As the honour guest country of the festival , Spain offered the audience a feast of flamenco dance, zarzuela Beautiful Kitchen, modern dance Ego-tik and a pioneering experimental theatre Empire, incoporating traditional, modern and avant-garde styles.

The centennial of Chinese spoken drama was celebrated by star artists and works from mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, such as Shamlet by Taiwan Ping-Fong Acting Troupe, Madame Bovary by Edward Lam Dance Theatre, Secrete Love in Peach Blossom Land by an influential Taiwanese playwright and theatre director Stan Lai, The Opinions of Two Dogs about Life directed by Meng Jinghui, and Blind City directed by Wang Xiaoying, all contributing to a better understanding and development of Chinese spoken drama.

In the Spring of 2007, we shared our creativity, art and life in Meet in Beijing.

2007  Performance

Spanish Classic Guitarist Vicente Amigo

Rosa Torres-Pardo, Spain

“Imperium”, Spain

“La Belle Cuisine”, Spain

“Ego-tik”, Spain

Spoken Drama “Madame Bovary is Me” by Edward Lam

Spoken drama “Shamlet”

Spoken drama “Secret Love In Peach Blossom Land”

Spoken drama “Blind City”

Spoken drama “Two Dog's Life Opinions"

Orchestre National de Lille

Sino-French Ballet Gala

Beijing Modern Dance Company

Debussy String Quartet

“When Didier Lockwood Meets Chinese Jazz Players”

Concert by Grame and the Percussions Claviers de Lyon

Popular Prints of France and China

Opera “La voix humaine”

Sweet Memory 2007 Teres Teng Hit Songs

“Returning of Mayila”, Diva Mayila recital

Ballet “Swan Lake”, China Central Ballet

Han Dynasty Dance “Song of The Great Wind”

“Romantic Melody” –Li Ang Piano Recital

“Peony Pavilion”

Romanian Song and Dance Troupe

Concordia University Wind Ensemble of U.S

George Band of Canada

Brigham Young University Song and Dance Company

American Choir

Bahamas Folk Song and Dance Troupe

Tajikistan National Song and Dance Troupe

Baby Boo Band of Japan

Brazilian Samba Dance Company

Colombian Circus Song and Dance Troupe

Los Pelados of Sweden

Italian Arts Ensemble

Luanda National Song and Dance Troupe

Siheng Song

Canadian Band Train

Conversation between Pianists from Spain and Central Conservatory of China

“Flower of May” Concert by Brigham Young University-Hawaii Choir and the China Conservatory Youth Philharmonic Choir

Iceland Dance Company

Cultural Exchange and Creativity by Visiting American Artists

Symposium: Cultural Industry

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