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The 8th MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival

The five rings of the Olympics stand for the colours of five continents. Different genres of art convey all sorts of feelings of mankind. Meet in Beijing 2008 was an Olympic of arts and demonstrated its diversity within the frame of a harmonious cultural landscape.

Green represents peace and harmony as well as happy union of the five continents; yellow stands for glory and classics as well as human civilization; red means creativity and passion, which is a color of inspiration and rhythm; black symbolizes dialectical thinking and inheritance, which is the symbol of drama and theatre; blue is a musical colour of world-class symphonies.

Meet in Beijing 2008 Olympic Cultural Activities was launched on May 12 with the first performance on June 23, and closed on September 19. Nearly 10,000 artists from 110 troupes of more than 80 countries and regions performed in the span of over 6 months to an audience exceeding 3 million, echoing the notion of the people’s Olympics. Its over 200 cultural activities were strong supplement to the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics.

2008 Performance

Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Taiwan Aboriginal's Arts Troupe

No Dirt Dance Theater, Taiwan

Finnish Chamber Orchestra

Hong Kong Repertory Theatre“Princess Delin and Empress Dowager Cixi”

New Version of Yu Opera “Cixi and Zhenfei”

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra

New Version of “Sun Bin and Pang Juan”, Peking Opera, Taipei Li-yuan Chinese Opera Theatre

Henan Yu Opera “Qingfeng Pavilion”, Henan Opera 2nd Troupe

South Korean National Modern Drama Works Series

Modern Dance Regiment of Israel

Evening of Arabia

Opening Performance: Greetings From Olympia

Brigham Young University Ballroom Dance Company

Kunqu Opera “Floating Dreams”

Russian Ballet Star

South Korean Opera “A Match Made in Heaven”

Russian Starlight Express

South Korean Modern Drama Series

Musical “Kong Ji’s Biography”, Arts Troupe of Seoul

Kataklo Athletic Dance Theatre

Macau Chinese Orchestra

”Hand in Hand”: Sino-Korea Olympic Songs Concert

“Dance Along the River during the Qingming Festival”

Belarus Arts Troupe

Demark Children’s Chorus

Gala Evening of SCO

“Riverdance”, Ireland

German Youth Symphony Orchestra

Broadway Musical “Hairspray”

“One World, One Dream”-Sino-USA Singers Concert

Original Concert “Spirited Saint Human”, Chinese and Japanese Young Musicians

Gala Evening of Africa

Russian Na–NaXn Band

Opera “Tea” by Tan Dun

Gala Latin American

Greek Modern Dance “Medea2”

Closing Ceremony of Olympic Champions Forum at Peking University

Cincinnati Pop Orchestra

China Folk Concert “Chanting Journey”

”Global Harmony” Concerts

Three Tenors Salvatore Licitra, Marcello Glordani, Ramon Vargas

Sumi Jo Recital

Angela Ghorgia Recital

Renee Fleming, Sumi Jo, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Jonas Karfmann, Salvatore Lictra

New Zealand National Symphony Orchestra

EU Youth Orchestra

Japan Singer Kina Shōkichi’s Concert

Canadian Red Sky Dance Company

Gala Evening of Asia

Drama of Prometheus Bound, Greek National Theater

Closing Performance: My 2008 Olympic Games

2008  Exhibition
”Subtle Energies of Matter”-Italian Contemporary Sculpture International Review

”Utensil and Innovative Artworks”-Contemporary Ceramics in Taiwan,China

“One World One Home”-the 3rd Exhibition of the art works from Foreign Embassies in China

”Marching on towards 2008”-the 4th International Children Art Exhibition

”Exhibition Pfund”-Beijing 2008

”Africa and Olympics”

”One Minute of the World-Image Art in 60 Seconds”

2008 Modern Visual Art from Hong Kong and Macau

British Modern Art 2008

”Resonance”-Sports Visual Art 2008

Japanese Ceramics Artist Ted Tanabe Artwork Exhibition

International Olympic Toy Designing Exhibition

Saudi Arabian Folk Heritage and Traditional Custom Painting Exhibition

East Asia Visual Art Exhibition 2008

”Greetings from Carthage”-Plastic Arts of Tunisia

Taste of Lebanon

Exhibition of relic replicas and photography of Egypt

China International Youth Art Festival

Symphony Concert-“Ode to Joy to welcome Olympic Games”

“Carmina Burana”

Dance Drama: Fire Dream

St Lawrence Chamber Music String Quartets

“Drum Dance Beijing”

Children’s chorus: “Sound of Angel”

Chuan Opera Drama “My Own Swordsman” (Wu Lin Wai Zhuan)

”Today’s Star”-Professor Chamber Music Concert

Song and Dance Drama “Guahogdeng”

Bai Liang Violin Solo Recital

Ballet-Pantomime “Don Quixote de la Mancha”

Violin Professor Lin Yaoji’s Award Winning Students Concert

?“The Merchant of Venice” and 100 Words Play

Closing Ceremony of China International Youth Arts Festival “Vision and Creation”

International Youth Environmental Protection DVD & Photography

“I?Idea” International Innovative Design Exhibition

World Heritage Series Concerts in Beijing

(International Series Beneficial Activities-The 3rd World Heritage Music Festival in Beijing)

International Forum “Arts : Youth and Future”

The Youth Forum on New Undertaking Poverty Alleviation and Environmental Protection
The 9th China International Chorus Festival

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