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The 9th MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival

After the Olympics, Beijing demonstrated to the world the image of a confident China in a touching manner. The festival was an exciting rendezvous of visiting and local artists against the background of global financial crisis. This was also a cultural gala as a public service, with participation of Chinese from all over the world in celebrating the 60th anniversary of P.R. China.

Meet in Beijing opened with a gala concert featuring the award-winning young musicians in association with the top three music competitions in this country China International Violin Competition, China International Piano Competition and China International Vocal Competition. The ballet stars from Moscow Theatre of Russia and Maryinsky Theatre brought the festival to a perfect ending.

In between the festival boasted of a whole range of performing arts, including French baroque music, Peking opera and acrobatics show Fenmo, a beautiful legend of Sicily told by a traditional stage setting and romantic melody of Italy. The French show The Box brought the audience into a kaleidoscopic world. The drama Wu Lin Wai Zhuan, Romeo and Zhu Yingtai, as well as Design for Living from Taiwan, invited the artists from across the straits for an happy spiritual renewal.

In celebrating the 60th anniversary of P.R. China, all the Chinese around the globe paid their tribute to this anniversary, highlighted by Peking Opera Symphonic Concert, and Tribute to China - China National Symphony Orchestra Concert.

More than 30,000 tickets at a value of nearly RMB 5 million were distributed the public during the month-long cultural event including 23 stage works. The out-door galas, public lectures, art workshops, and the electronic music festival brought the audience closer to the artists and created open space for scholars, experts and artists. In both ways, art was made accessible? and the inspirational moment of art-making was eagerly shared by the public.

2009  Performance

“Melody of Joy Music”: Concert by Award winning pianists, violinists and vocalists

Le Poème Harmonique L’humaine comédie
Piero Mazzocchetti “Tribute to China”- CNSO’s Concert
The Nadarzyn OSP Brass Band “The Sound 2009”, Chen Jianqi Concert
“TARANTA D’AMORE”-Concert of Traditional Dances & Love Serenades Spain Jazz Quartet
Peking Opera Symphonic Concert Ios jaivas
Baby Boo from Japan Russian Star Ballet Gala
Evening of Flamenco Dance Theatre “Change”
“Carmen”, “Pennies from Heaven”, Scottish Ballet Company “Sacre du Printemps”
Brigham Young University Ballroom Dance Group EMOTANGO
Danza Universitaria Acrobatic Beijing Opera show “Fenmo”
Spoken drama “The Cherry Orchard” “Fun Tazi” , Black Theatre from Israel
Spoken drama “Romeo and Zhu Yingtai” Spoken drama “Wu lin wai zhuan”
Spoken drama “Design for Living” French Art Group Yi – Feydeau,Wait
“The Box”, France
INTRO 2009 – The Electronic Music Concert
Los Pelados from Sweden Daliat EL Carmel &Tel Aviv Dance Troupe
African Arts Troupe Peruvian Andino
Marie lvy Magon

2009  Exhibition

“Persevere for Alive and Strive for Development – 2008 The Memory of May”

Dialogues on Meet in Beijing Arts Festival
Liu Chun VS Luo Bin: Integration of Traditions and Innovations Liu Xuefeng VS Bai Yansong: The Current and Trends of Classical Music
Edward Lam VS Tian Qinxin: Urban Affections and Desires Zha Mingzhe VS Tongdaoming: Topics Starting from “The Cherry Orchard”
Cao Chengyuan VS Ou Jianping: Possibilities of Chinese Modern Dance Zhu Zheqin VS Wang Xiaofeng: Music of the New Millennium
Wu Shanshan VS Filip Auchere: Dead or Alive, Puppets and Actors Meet in Beijing Workshops
TAO Dance Studio: Chat with Your Body Beijing Dance LDTX: Dance of Freedom
Sino-British No Stranger in Dancing World-Wide Project Santuoqi Theater Studio: Body Goes Banana
Baroque Children's Theatre Camp: Mr. Bunny Edward Lam' drama Studio: N Kinds of Expression for Desire

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