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The 10th MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival

The decade of Meet in Beijing has been immortalized by bits of memory and moments. In its tenth edition, Bolshoi Theatre made its fourth visit to China. The Daughter of the Pharaoh and Don Quixote, two ballets by founding father of Russian ballet Marius Petipa, were performed by nearly one hundred dancers and two ballerinas and created a Russian ballet sensation. Dance master Preljocaj, in cooperation with haute couture designer Jean Paul Gautier, produced a chic version of ballet Snow White. The festival was otherwise highlighted by flamenco of the National Ballet of Spain just returning from the World Expo, Bahok by British Akram Khan Company, Lian Xiang Ban - a romance set in the Ming Dynasty directed by Guan Jinpeng, Drama Lao She’s Five Stories directed by Lin Zhaohua in memory of the 111th birth anniversary of Lao She, A Dream of Red Mansions by North Korea’s Opera, Meet in Beijing Ten Years Concert featuring Eason Chan.

Meet in Beijing boasted of ten major productions. UNESCO Cultural Diversity Festival displayed the cultural diversity of the world. “Love?Green”addressed environmental protection with electronic music. Chaoyang Pop Music Week allowed close and intense interaction bewteen the audience and the artists. University Tour brought Broadway musical onto the campus. Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival broke the limits of space and called for innovation.

Through means of interpretations usually adopted by a magician encompassing time-crossing, dispositioning and reshuffling, this art festival unfolded before our eyes a cultural landscape of both grandeur and beauty.

Meet again in Beijing in ten years. You create art.

2010 Performance

The Daughter of the Pharaoh, ballet by the Bolshoi Theatre

Don Quixote, ballet by the Bolshoi Theatre

Chinese Ethnic and Folk Arts Gala

Eason Chan Meet in Beijing Ten Years Concert

A Dream of Red Mansions - Opera North Korea

A Different Chopin - Concert

ZHU Yibing Cello Octette

National Ballet of Spain

Snow White

French Urban Ballet

Akram Khan Company?

Prague National Theatre Ballet

Swedish Cullburg Ballet

Beijing Contemporary Dance Theatre

Lao She's Five Stories, drama by Lin Zhaohua

Arlequin navigue en Chine

Lian Xiang Ban, kunqu

Aladdin, 3D cartoon drama

Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival

Openning ceremony UNESCO Diversity Festival

Intro Electronic Music Festival

"Living Legend" - Brigham Young University

Mexican Jalisco song and dance Ensemble

Mexican Mariachi Band

Abba Memories

Embrujo Flamenco Company

Johnny Vegas

Soweto Choir

Baby boo


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