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The 12th MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival

National Ballet of Cuba, founded by the legendary ballet master, Alicia Alonso, will join Meet in Beijing Arts Festival after 10 years. They will bring capital audiences the Swan Lake, which integrates classic ballet, Latin American style and modern style together. The performance will be the most anticipating ballet show on the international art stage this year in Beijing.

One of the most popular music bands in Chinese music circle, Mayday, the national diva in Spain, Luz Casal, and Hongkong legendary singer, Xu Xiaofeng, will integrate fashion and classics together. With refreshing Spring breeze and the greetings from all over the world, the 12th Meet in Beijing Arts Festival come to us.
Meet in Beijing Arts Festival will continue to pursue the idea of “Public Culture and Benefiting the Public” to enrich people’s cultural life through free square performances and low-fare theater shows.

Meet in Beijing Arts Festival will keep good cooperation with Beijing Branch of Industrial & Commercial Bank of China and American Airlines, and at the same time, send the invitation of prestige sponsor to world-renowned investment bank, Morgan Stanley.

Meet in Beijing Arts Festival, born in 2000, is about to cover 12 years, a circle of Chinese Zodiac. The current Meet in Beijing Arts Festival has become the cultural card of Beijing, and will stride toward the road of international top art festival. Every time Meet in Beijing Arts Festival comes, Beijing will be filled with artistic vitality and romance in Spring, and people who love arts will own more broad vision and open mind.

How high the art can fly means the height of world city. Meet in Beijing Arts Festival let us meet in this romantic season.

2012 Performance
Swan Lake
Drama Cai Wenji
Concert of National Diva in Spain, Luz Casal
The Spring in Edinburgh
Polish Folk Band
Concert of Mayday
Concert of Xu Xiaofeng
Musical of Tian Haojiang, My Song and My Brother
Rainonds Ozols---
Latvia Chamber Orchestra
Uruguay Guitar Duet
Argentina Tango
Modern Dance Elektro Kif
Dance drama Nü Wa
Dance drama Hui Ban
South Africa Art Troupe
National Theater of Korea, Dance Drama Chun Xiang
Variety Show of Classic Ballet
Drama Sunrise
Drama Beijing People
Drama Break-up Master
Musical Drama The Eclogue of Placida&Vitoriano
Dram Kidnapping on Noah’s Ark
Strawberry Music Festival
Chaoyang Pop Music Festival
INTRO Music Festival
The Moving Forbidden City
Exhibition of July Chow’s Works
Exhibition of 60th Anniversary of Beijing People’s Art Theater
Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Pottery &Porcelain and Paintings

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