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Ensemble of folk dance and songs AKUD University of Belgrade, Serbia

The group was founded in 1945 as one of the wings of the University of Belgrade Art Association "Branko Krsmanović". The Folk Ballet acquired its first recognition at the Yugoslav Youth Festival in 1948. In 1949, with the arrival of Mr. Branko Markovic (1917-1993), leading dancer and choreographer of the Belgrade Opera House, the ensemble started to work on the artistic elaboration of the rich national folk heritage. Since then, members have performed at many festivals and their talents were rewarded with Gold medals at the Moscow World Festival, Vienna World Festival and the Gold medal for Arts of the City of Damascus. The greatest successes of the group that brought it the name of the "Ambassadors of Culture and Goodwill" were its five tours in Latin America, four USA tours (all organized by Columbia Artists Man.Inc.), an eight months tour all over the world and the participation in the Gala UNICEF concert in the Paris Opera House that was broadcasted all over the world. The credit to the successes are also to be given to the late Mr. Slavko Antović, who was Assistant to Mr. Branko Markovic and later the Art Director of the group.

The artists perform ethnically inspired dances and authentic folk melodies of Serbia and Montenegro. Colorful costumes, intriguing melodies and complex rhythms clearly illustrate richness of folk art in various regions.

The recent tours in Slovenia, Turkey, Macedonia, Greece and participation in the "Mondial des Cultures" in Canada last July, Mediterranean Festival in Spain last September and four festivals in Spain (in towns: Dos Hermanas, Cadiz, Ciudad Real and Badajoz) in July 2005, re-assert its highest qualities and recognitions. In 2013. this ensemble was on tour in Kuwait where it had opportunity to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relation between this two countries. Today, ensemble of folk dance and song is one of the eminent and one of the best keepers of tradition and it regular performs on all stages in Serbia and abroad. The artistic director is Darko Todorovic, former member and soloist of this ensamble.

May 25, 2018  Beihang Sunrise Concert Hall


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Ensemble of folk dance and songs AKUD University of Belgrade, Serbia
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