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Hong Kong Dance Federation Ltd Dunhuang Reflections

Buddhism was introduced into China around 2,000 years ago from ancient India. Occupying a military strategic location in the Hexi Corridor of the Silk Road, the Dunhuang grottoes were situated in one of the busiest ancient trade routes and became a key area for the spread of Buddhism.< Dunhuang Reflections> employs contemporary Hong Kong perspectives to portray Dunhuang elegance and aesthetics in dance, exemplifying compassion for humanity and philosophical explorations of the mysteries of the universe.

In search of enlightenment, Monk Yuanyi meditates according to the Amitayurdhyana-sutra to visualize the Western Paradise in his mind. The paintings of Buddhas on the wall murals have been darkened and blurred by weathering of centuries passed. Located facing the Gobi Desert, patrons of the Buddhist grottoes brave the dangerous journey to pray for blessings. New ghosts seek for the Buddha’s salvation. Monk Yuanyi finally comprehends the void nature of the changing world; the glory of the Western Paradise on the Sutra tableau leaps to life in his mind. The Monk restores the purity of Dunhuang.

May 22, 2018       Tianqiao Theater


Closing Performance-China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater Confucius
Royal Ballet of Cambodia
Ensemble of folk dance and songs AKUD University of Belgrade, Serbia
Hong Kong Dance Federation Ltd Dunhuang Reflections
Gansu Dance Troupe Silk Road

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