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Theatre de la Feuille Papa

Papa, a watch-repairer of fifty years, dedicated his life to repairing customers’ faulty watches on his approximately one square meter work desk, to preserve the eternal ticking of the clock of life.Years ago, he sent his boy off to his first day of school. As his boy whaled in vain, Papa mustered the determination to turn away, before shedding his tears.Today, his son and daughter-in-law, each holding one of Papa’s hands, are sending him off to an elderly home. As he looks back at them, he sees them effortlessly walking away, as if with a sigh of relief.This is a story of youth and old age; of forgetting and remembering; of encounters and departures; of home and Hong Kong. It is a story shared by every one of us. "An absolutely well-performed production of a simple story. My daughter laughed and yet I cried.""The flawlessly smooth scene transitions and the actors seamlessly switching between different characters deeply touched the bottom of my heart."

Théâtre de la Feuille Founded in 2010 by Ata Wong Chun Tat in Paris, Théâtre de la Feuille is a physical theatre group deeply influenced by the western methodology of Jacques Lecoq, interweaved with Eastern artistic traditions. While the group is now based in Hong Kong, it has gone on numerous international tours, performing on different global stages which include France, Italy, Croatia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. Théâtre de la Feuille is eager to accumulate as many touring experiences as possible. Théâtre de la Feuille currently consists of a group of twenty creative actors from a plethora of different cultures and backgrounds. Its actors receive custom-made and continuous trainings of traditional Chinese martial arts and Lecoq; together they emerge as a strong and unique ensemble of Hong Kong.

April 30-May 1,2018  Lyric Theater of Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center


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