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Fair Play Crew, Poland Seriously Funny

Its founders are cezary “kruk” krukowski, wojciech “blacha” blaszko, karol “niecik” niecikowski, rafał “roofi” kamiński and artur kosicki, who’s quit dancing to focus on law. A couple of years after the crew started, błażej “bzyga” górski and marcin rogalski have joined its ranks. Together they form a group of dancers, choreographers and creatives, who utilized their talents and passion to organize many prestigious dance, theater and media projects. During their 20 years of artistic creativity, they have been awarded a significant number of prizes in Poland and abroad.

These guys are also the founders of the fair play dance studio dance school, which was and is responsible for the success of the most of the finalists of the “You Can Dance” show. The fair play crew formation has not only contributed to the growth of popularity of dancing in Bialystok, but also in the entire country – making its home city the dance capital of Poland.

Fair play crew are also producers of theater plays and musicals. Their most well-known productions are “metropolish” and “morosophus” (awarded a prize from the ministry of culture and national heritage). In 2015, they made headlines with the “fair play crew – seriously funny” (“amatorologia”) play – the first polish dance comedy – which helped them win paka, the most important polish comedy fest, by storm. Thanks to fpc, twice a year, Poland is being visited by hundreds of dance enthusiasts from all over Europe, who want to become a part of the periodic fair play dance camp festival. It’s the biggest dance camp in Europe, providing young dance freaks with the opportunity to learn under the watchful eyes of the biggest dance stars from all over the globe. The upcoming 9th edition of the festival will take place in Krakow between August 1st and 11th 2015. following the idea of “fair play”, the crew regularly supports charity initiatives, among others dkms – together against leukemia and run for health.

May 12, 2018   New Tsinghua Auditorium, Tsinghua University


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Fair Play Crew, Poland Seriously Funny
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